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Development and Revitalization of Local Communities

Development and Revitalization of Local Communities

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To enable our society to be sustainable so everyone can feel secure in their lives
While the population becoming concentrated in urban areas results in the increasing overpopulation of those areas, the population is aging and rural areas are rapidly depopulating. In particular, maintaining the vitality of rural areas is a serious issue. There is a need to increase towns' resilience in the face of disaster, and to make them safe and sustainable, with everyone receiving needed services no matter where they live.

Regional revitalization funds

Japan Post Bank takes part in regional revitalization funds in cooperation with local financial institutions to circulate the valuable funds deposited by customers throughout the local community.
For details, see Vitalization of Regional Economies (Japan Post Bank).

Real estate business in consideration of supporting childcare and the aging society

Valuing the trust-based relationships built with local communities, the Japan Post Group engages in real estate business to contribute to the growth of communities in consideration of factors such as regional characteristics, the social background of the area and the feasibility of businesses. Examples are the construction of preschools and elderly care facilities to address social issues such as long daycare waiting lists and the aging of society, and the development of large complexes such as commercial facilities, offices and residential houses in urban areas.

Utilization of next-generation mobility technology

Japan Post utilizes drones, delivery robots, autonomous vehicles and AI in delivery operations and other new technologies with the goal of addressing the decrease in the working-age population, the depopulation of rural areas and other social issues and the changes in business environment such as the increasing demand for cargo transportation. It also uses these technologies to continue providing postal and logistics services stably and sustainably.
For details, see the section about the utilization of next-generation mobility technology (Japan Post: Japanese).

Delivery robots

Other initiatives

The Japan Post Group implements diverse initiatives for a sustainable society where everyone can live with peace of mind.