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Investor Relations
Management Policy
Group Medium-term Management Plan

Group Medium-term Management Plan

Japan Post Group announced the "Japan Post Group Medium-term Management Plan", for the period from Fiscal Year ending March 31 2019 to Fiscal Year ending March 31 2021. Considering the plan as term aiming for securing stable income and a start towards sustainable growth in a difficult environment, Japan Post Group aims to become a Total Lifestyle Support Group as team JP, with ensuring universal services, working together as a Group centered around the post office network.

Basic policies

  1. 1.
    Development of business that supports the total lifestyles of customers
  2. 2.
    Securing stable income for the Group
  3. 3.
    Development of environment that enables employees to demonstrate their full capabilities
  4. 4.
    Development of new businesses aimed at future growth

Numerical targets for FY2021/3 and dividend policy

Numerical targets for FY2021/3 and dividend policy image
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