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Group Identity

Group Identity

Logos of Japan Post Group and its units.

Corporate Logos

Logo of Japan Post Group, "JP"

The new logos of Japan Post Group, "JP", have been designed to reflect our heart supporting the "J" and "P" of Japan Post, that respectively offer the highest-quality services for the convenience and security of our customers, regions and society, as well as a reliable entity that continues to exist side by side with our customers we seek to benefit.

From another perspective, "J" represents all our customers within the nation and internationally, and "P" Japan Post Group, through which we intend to express the supportive attitude of the Japan Post Group toward our customers and society through Japan's largest collection and delivery networks and through continuously providing universal services for the new era.

Logo of Japan Post Group
Logo of Japan Post Holdings

Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd.

Logo of Japan Post

Japan Post Co., Ltd.

Logo of Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.

Logo of Japan Post Insurance

Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd.

Logo of Japan Post

Japan Post
"Japan Post" is the Postoffice name of Japan Post Group.