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Q&A regarding IR

Q&A regarding IR

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding IR.

About New Listing

When were you listed?

We were listed on first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, on November 4, 2015.

Why was Japan Post Holdings listed?

There are three objectives of the listing.

  1. 1.
    Increase management flexibility
    The listing is the important first step to increase management flexibility and to compete with competitors on an equal footing, in the sales of new products and services.
    Efforts for new products and businesses through the increase of management flexibility will lead to the improvement of customer service, and expand the revenue base of Japan Post Group.
  2. 2.
    Establish an independent management structure
    After the listing, we need to fulfill accountability to many shareholders other than the government. That means we should manage independently with our own judgment and responsibility, according to market discipline.
  3. 3.
    Contribution to the reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake
    A part of the proceeds from sales of shares of Japan Post Holdings will be devoted to the financial resources necessary for reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Are any other companies of Japan Post Group listed?

Three companies, Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance in addition to Japan Post Holdings, were listed on first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, simultaneously on November 4, 2015.

How will you use the proceeds from the offering of shares of Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance?

We used the aggregate proceeds from the concurrent financial subsidiary offerings to repurchase shares of our common stock.
The proceeds from the future offerings of financial subsidiaries will be allocated to suitable investment opportunities for raising the corporate value and repurchase own shares as needed in order to maintain and improve capital efficiency.

What percentage of the shares of Japan Post Holdings will the Japanese government hold eventually?

Japanese government is required to retain such portion of the interest in Japan Post Holdings that exceeds one-third of its total equity interest and dispose of the remainder as early as possible.

What percentage of the shares of Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance will Japan Post Holdings sell eventually?

Legally, we are required to dispose of the entire equity interest in Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance within the earliest possible time-frame in light of the condition of the business of each company and any impact on the ability of us and Japan Post Co. to fulfill their universal services obligation (see Question 9).
We intend to reduce our interest in each company in multiple stages to around 50% of our total equity interest in each company, which is considered to have a minor impact on the business conditions of each company and the universal services obligation.

With the listing, what will happen to the shares of Japan Post?

Legally, we are required to hold its entire equity interest in Japan Post Co.. Accordingly, there will be no change in the holding ratio from the listing.

Will reducing of its interest in Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance have any impact on the management of Japan Post Group?

The strength of Japan Post Group is that our three principal subsidiaries jointly deliver three different businesses and services through post offices, and Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance will keep providing their services by utilizing the post office network.
Even if the capital relationship changes, we will keep collaborating with each company as a group.

With the listing, are you planning to cut any services in unprofitable areas such as depopulated areas?

Japan Post Holdings and Japan Post are under an obligation to provide the public in Japan with universal services, which include maintaining the post office network so that they can provide equal and convenient access 1mail services, 2simple saving, remittance and settlement services and 3easy-to-use life insurance services, at post offices in all regions of Japan in an integrated, simplified and customer-oriented manner. So we will not discontinue any service provision in depopulated areas regardless of the listing.

About Dividend

What are the dividend record dates?

The year-end dividend record date is March 31, and the interim dividend record date is September 30 if it is implemented.
Furthermore, please contact your securities company for details including the deadline to purchase shares to be entitled to a dividend.

When are dividends paid?

The year-end dividends are paid in June. When interim dividends are paid, they are paid in December.

Please tell me about your dividend policy.

We aim to provide stable returns to shareholders while maintaining internal reserves and paying attention to capital efficiency.
Accordingly, we intend to maintain a consolidated dividend payout ratio, which represents the total interim and annual dividends declared during a fiscal year expressed as a percentage of consolidated net income attributable to Japan Post Holdings for the same period, of roughly 50% or higher until the year ending March 31, 2018, while maintaining stable dividends per share.
We intend to declare both annual dividends and interim dividends. However, as only one record date will fall within the first fiscal year following the listing of our shares, we will only declare annual dividends for the year ending March 31, 2016. As a result, we intend to achieve a consolidated dividend payout ratio of roughly 25% or higher for the year ending March 31, 2016.

About Stock

What is your stock ticker code?

It is 6178.

What industrial category is your company classified in?

Service industry.

What is the trading unit of your shares?


What is the stock price?

For the price of stock, please check Stock Price Chart.


Do you have a special benefit plan for shareholders?

No, we do not have any special benefit plan for shareholders.

When is your annual general meeting of shareholders?

We plan to hold it in late June every year.

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