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Human Resource Development

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To Allow Individual Employees to Fulfill Their Potential
Work is a way to make a living. At the same time, it makes life worth living and brings joy. In reality, however, there are not a few people who are economically self-insufficient as they cannot find stable employment or who engage in low-wage work. To eliminate poverty and achieve sustainable economic growth, it is necessary to provide decent work (worthwhile, humane work) by improving the quality of employment, which includes securing fair income and developing human resources.

Developing Human Resources Who Fulfill Expected Roles

To develop human resources who fulfil expected roles according to their career path, the Japan Post Group develops employees by providing on-the-job training (OJT) as mentoring and training through jobs at the workplaces, and Off-JT as training and seminars to be participated outside workplaces (position-based training, such as rank-based training provided upon promotion and training for frontline leaders, and training for improving specific capabilities and skills, such as sales capabilities). The Group also provides employees with support for their personal development efforts, including support for acquisition of qualification.
Additionally, the Group provides training to improve management skills, mainly for Head Office employees, as part of efforts to develop human resources who can fulfil expected roles.

Training Provided by Head Office Human Resources Departments of Four Japan Post Group Companies
Item FY2022
Total number of participants a year (persons) 394,664
Total training hours (hours) 9,840,446
Total expenses (million yen) 3,233

Personnel Evaluation System

With regard to personnel evaluation, the Group aims to achieve organizational goals as employees make efforts for their individual goals with proper evaluation and feedback, and thereby to achieve its business objectives. Proper evaluation is also crucial to human resource development.
The personnel evaluation system of the Japan Post Group is comprised of three evaluation items, i.e., performance evaluation, job behavior evaluation and additional points for organizational contribution, for each course.

<Evaluation Items>
Performance evaluation What has been achieved
Job behavior evaluation Whether the action required by the company has been carried out in the course of duty or not
Additional points for organizational contribution Whether contributed to performance of other organization beyond the expected role for the course or not

Employees are evaluated based on multiple interviews with their supervisors, including interview at the beginning of the term and interim dialog, and receive feedback. The system is designed to put greater weight on performance evaluation for higher positions. Evaluation results are reflected on salary increase, bonus, retirement allowance, promotion and demotion. Evaluation is conducted twice a year for employees in managerial positions and once a year for general employees.
Personnel evaluation is based on a five-point scale from A to E. A and B are relative selection, while D and E are absolute selection based on the personnel evaluation point criteria. C is the standard evaluation. Employees assessed as A or B receive a salary increase while those assessed as D or E receive a salary decrease.

Promoting Personnel Exchange to Make Group Organizations Open

As a corporate group characterized by the integrated provision of three businesses of postal service and logistics, savings service and insurance through post offices, nurturing a sense of unity among Group employees is of extreme importance. For best personnel allocation across the Group, we actively conduct Group-wide personnel exchange.

Developing Human Resources Who Can Contribute to Improving Group Corporate Value and Employing External Professionals

As the Japan Post Group is a corporate group of a highly public nature with social infrastructure centering around post offices, the Group companies commonly seek persons with "sincerity" and "high aspirations and passion." Each Group company sets expected roles for the respective courses tailored to employees' work styles, and accordingly provides rank-based training.
Additionally, as nurturing a sense of unity among group employees is extremely important due to the characteristic of integrated provision of three businesses of postal service and logistics, savings service and insurance through post offices, Postal College under Japan Post Holdings provides group companies' officers, next-generation leaders, new hires on the main career track, etc. with Group-wide joint training.
Meanwhile, our efforts for securing human resources, particularly at the Head Office, to acquire highly specialized capabilities according to the business characteristics include mid-career employment in the areas of real estate, legal affairs, IT, investment and market operation, market risk management, actuary, among others.
Furthermore, to further enhance human resources for new value creation with DX promotion, etc. in the future, the Group will more actively hire professionals from outside the Group and develop internal human resources.

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