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Pollution Control and Recycling Initiatives

Pollution Control and Recycling Initiatives

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To hand down limited resources to the next generation

There are concerns about the future depletion of resources since the demand for natural resources is sharply increasing due to the global population increasing every year and the rapid economic growth of emerging nations and developing countries. Without natural resources, we cannot live or carry out business activities. To pass these limited resources down to the next generation and realize a sustainable society, it is important to stop the excessive use of natural resources and ensure the management and use of resources based on a long-term perspective.

FSC certification postcards


Japan Post uses FSC® certified paper for its New Year's postcards and regular postcards. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international certification organization that aims to make appropriate forest management ubiquitous. FSC® certification is an international certification system for identifying properly managed forests and products made from forestry products produced in these forests, recycled resources and raw materials from other managed supply sources. FSC certification requires appropriate forest management in all processes from production and processing to distribution based on diverse perspectives, such as the securing of the rights and safety of workers, the construction of good relationships with local communities, the conservation of the rich natural environment and the control of the adverse impact of human activity. Using FSC certified paper enables you to help the world preserve its forests and biodiversity and sustainably use its forest resources.

Note: All postcards manufactured in FY2023 will be made of FSC certified paper.

Promote eco-friendly post offices

Japan Post is proceeding with the setup of +Eco Post Offices to reduce its GHG emissions and promote the carbon neutrality of communities. +Eco Post Offices are environmentally friendly post offices that use cross-laminated timber (CLT)* and renewable energy including generated solar electricity.
For more information, see Promotion of eco-friendly post offices (Japan Post).(Japanese)

*Cross-laminated timber (CLT): Thick panels made by connecting long lumber boards stacked in alternating directions. These panels have excellent strength and heat resistance and emit less CO₂ than concrete or iron.

Other initiatives

Promoting paperless operations

Yucho Volunteer Savings

Japan Post Bank offers Yucho Volunteer Savings to enable it to provide greater support to people in need of help around the world and to preserve nature.

Yucho Volunteer Savings(Japanese)

Promotion of recycling via the utilization of offices

Some major post offices cooperate with printer manufacturers in the joint collection of used ink cartridges (Ink Cartridges Satogaeri (Homecoming) Project). The post offices collect fire extinguishers and printers for home use.
For more information, see Promotion of recycling utilizing post offices (Japan Post).(Japanese)

Reusing uniforms

Japan Post collects uniforms that aren't being used and dry-cleans and maintains them for reuse to contribute to cost reduction and environment preservation.
For more information, see Reuse of uniforms (Japan Post).(Japanese)

Sale of plastic bags at post offices

Japan Post started to sell new eco-friendly plastic bags in July 2020.
For more information, see Eco-friendly products (Japan Post).(Japanese)

Recycling of the paper used within the Japan Post Group

We store documents used by the companies of the Japan Post Group at a centralized warehouse. We have the paper dissolved by a paper dissolving mill that is partnered with us after the document storage period has elapsed. The dissolved paper is recycled into toilet paper and other products which are used at post offices and other places.
For more information, see Recycling of paper used within the Japan Post Group (Japan Post).(Japanese)