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Biodiversity Conservation

Biodiversity Conservation

15 Life on Land

Recognizing the benefit from the ecosystem in the performance of the Group's business activities, we promote initiatives considering the maintenance of ecosystems and preservation of biodiversity and natural resources.

Specific Initiatives

FSC certification postcards


Japan Post uses FSC® certified paper for its New Year's postcards and regular postcards. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international certification organization that aims to make appropriate forest management ubiquitous. FSC® certification is an international certification system for identifying properly managed forests and products made from forestry products produced in these forests, recycled resources and raw materials from other managed supply sources. FSC certification requires appropriate forest management in all processes from production and processing to distribution based on diverse perspectives, such as the securing of the rights and safety of workers, the construction of good relationships with local communities, the conservation of the rich natural environment and the control of the adverse impact of human activity. Using FSC certified paper enables you to help the world preserve its forests and biodiversity and sustainably use its forest resources.

Note: All postcards manufactured in FY2023 will be made of FSC certified paper.

Corporate partnership with WWF Japan

To work together to realize a sustainable future that allows humans to live in harmony with nature, Japan Post concluded a corporate partnership with WWF Japan in December 2022. Based on it, we will provide support to the forest conservation projects of WWF Japan to preserve forests while maintaining and developing the culture of letter-writing.

ESG investment

Japan Post Bank and Japan Post Insurance promote the investments and loans that contribute to solutions to environmental issues such as climate change and biodiversity preservation based on ESG Investment and Financing Policy.

Tohoku Regeneration Green Wave


The JP Children's Tree Planting Campaign "The Tohoku Regeneration Green Wave" business is a project certified and recommended by the Japan Committee for the United Nations Decade on Biodiversity (UNDB-J). In the project, the kindergarten children in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake picked up acorns, the acorns are grown by the children of nurseries, kindergartens, and childcare centers around Japan, the three-year-old seedlings are sent back to the affected areas via the network of Japan Post, and the kindergarten children in the affected areas plant the seedlings on May 22 or the day of Green Wave while wishing restoration of greenery in Tohoku.
Through the activity, we provide children with the opportunity to learn about the preservation of biodiversity and contribute to the restoration of greenery in the affected areas.
In April 2020, we won the Outstanding Activity Award at the 2019 (15th) Association for Children's Environment Awards as a result of a review by Association for Children's Environment.

Participation in the forest fund

Japan Post participated in Eastwood Climate Smart Forestry Fund I, the forest fund set up by Eastwood Forests, LLC affiliated with Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd., in July 2023. The fund aims to operate forests for traditional lumber production and also carry out sustainable forest operations contributing to climate change countermeasures in the U.S.A., where there are more advanced carbon credit markets and systems. In addition, by managing forests appropriately in accordance with the forest certification systems of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and others, we will provide an environment habitable for diverse creatures to increase biodiversity.
Moreover, Japan Post is discussing specific initiatives to develop industries related to forests in Japan and other countries and realize carbon neutrality.

Participation in the TNFD Forum

Having joined the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) Forum in September 2022, Japan Post Bank is involved in the construction of a framework for TNFD as a financial institute.