ESG Investment

When managing funds, the Japan Post Group will give due consideration to the public and social nature of funds and actively contribute to the vitalization of the community and the building of a sustainable society.

Japan Post Bank

Japan Post Bank established an ESG investment policy based on growing demands from stakeholders for addressing social issues such as climate change and supporting TCFD recommendations, and conducts investments based on this policy.
We invest in green bonds and social bonds issued by companies around the world. In addition, from the perspective of contributing to regional vitalization in Japan, we will respond to the risk money needs of regional communities by supplying funds through regional vitalization funds.


Specific examples of investment

Through investing in green and social bonds issued by business corporations all over the world, Japan Post Bank makes use of investment activities to contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Main regional finance projects (2021/3), Main regional vitalization funds (2021/3)

Japan Post Insurance

Japan Post Insurance invests from the perspective of fulfilling its social responsibilities as a life insurance company based on the ESG Investment Policy with the aim of realizing a sustainable society, improving investment results, and controlling risks in the long term.
In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021, in addition to investing in bonds aimed at protecting the natural environment and supporting gender equality, we have expanded our ESG investments base to include corona bonds aimed at supporting measures against COVID-19.
In addition to considering ESG elements for the entire asset portfolio, we focus on the "enhancement of well-being," "development of local communities and society," and "contribution to environmental protection" as initiative themes and make investments with "warmth" unique to Japan Post Insurance.

Specific examples of investment

Japan Post Insurance has made following investments in accordance with its ESG Investment Policy. Major examples of theme-based investment are listed below (links to the official Japan Post Insurance website).

Major themed investment examples

Investment in an Education Bond to support school education, vocational training, gender equality, in the Asia-Pacific region (March 2021)
© Asian Development Bank
Investment in a Sustainable Development Bond to support "One Health," optimal health outcomes in people, animals, and global environment taken as a whole (March 2021)
© Inter-American Development Bank
Investment in a Sustainable Development Bond to support the purchase and distribution of vaccines through the international framework "COVAX" (March 2021)
© Inter-American Development Bank
Investment in a Green Bond to support green recovery (the transition to sustainable low-carbon society under the COVID-19 pandemic) (January 2021)
© World Bank
Investment in a Green Transition Bond to support the transition toward decarbonization of carbon-intensive industries (January 2021)
© European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Investment in a Sustainable Development Bond in response to the COVID-19 (May 2020)
© Inter-American Development Bank
Investment in a Sustainability Awareness Bond to fight against COVID-19 (May 2020)
Community of Madrid © European Investment Bank
Investment in renewable energy projects such as solar power generation and biomass power generation (project finance) (since 2017)

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