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Policy, Approach and Framework

Policy, Approach and Framework

Japan Post Group Basic Sustainability Policy

Japan Post Group establishes and promotes Japan Post Group Basic Sustainability Policy for achieving our Management Philosophy.

Japan Post Group Basic Sustainability Policy

We, the Japan Post Group, shall endeavor to achieve sustainable growth for the Group and increase corporate value over the medium to long term, by resolving social issues relating to sustainability through the Group's business activities, with the aim of being a "Co-creation Platform" supporting customers and society.

We will contribute to realizing a safe, secure and prosperous society by maintaining fair, transparent and sound management, while also faithfully fulfilling our role as a key infrastructure of local communities through our post office network and employees.

We will work as a group to address each of the following issues through all of our business activities, beginning with universal services in our postal, banking and insurance businesses.

1. Together with Local Communities

  1. We shall strive for sustainable coexistence with local communities by understanding their issues and demands and communicating with stakeholders to provide the best services that cater to the trust and expectations of customers and local communities.

2. Together with the Earth

  1. We shall strive to undertake business operations adapted to the impact of climate change and actively promote business and environmental conservation activities with consideration toward reducing our burden on the environment, as well as contributing to encouraging carbon neutrality both in Japan and abroad.

3. Together with People

  1. We shall respect the human rights of all people involved in the business activities of the Group, endeavor to ensure a safe and friendly working environment, and promote diversity to build a fulfilling workplace where individual employees - who are the source of power for the Group's sustainable growth - can exercise their independence and creativity.

Concept of Sustainability Management

By promoting "sustainability management," the Japan Post Group will strive to attain its Group management philosophy. It will also contribute to the sustainable growth of the Group and the realization of a sustainable society, while taking a medium- to long-term perspective on the impact of the business environment and social issues surrounding the Group on its management.
Under the new Medium-Term Management Plan "JP Vision 2025," we will promote sustainability management while setting the ESG goals of providing lifelong support in the era of the 100-year lifespan, contributing to development and revitalization in local communities across Japan, and building a sustainable society.

Sustainability Promotion System

In January 2021, Japan Post Holdings Co, Ltd. reorganized its CSR Committee, an advisory body to the Management Meeting, into the Japan Post Holdings Sustainability Committee, chaired by the executive officer in charge of the Corporate Planning Department and the Sustainability Management Office was established as its secretariat. This move reflects the need for more in-depth consideration of management strategies and governance systems that incorporate ESG and sustainability concepts, as well as financial analysis of the impact of climate change risks and other factors on the core of management. In addition, to strengthen the structure for promoting sustainability across the entire Group, the Japan Post Group Sustainability Liaison Conference, whose members include the executive officers in charge of the Corporate Planning Department of each Group company, is held with the aim of promoting sustainability management as a unified Group.
In JP Vision 2025, we have discussed and built into the plan such issues as the attainment of carbon neutrality, increasing the ratio of women in management roles, and promoting ESG investments. The committee will continue to deliberate on matters such as the formulation of longterm strategies for the Group's sustainability management, and important deliberations will be presented and reported to the Management Meeting and the Board of Directors.
Furthermore, in addition to enhancing the Group's ESG-related nitiatives, the Sustainability Management Office and the relevant departments at each Group company will work together to accurately respond to the information disclosure requirements of ESG rating organizations, provide easy-to-understand information about the Group's initiatives, and encourage dialogue with takeholders.

Sustainability Promotion System

Convening of the Sustainability Committee in the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2023

Items Agenda
Sustainability strategies
  • Determination of material issues relating to sustainability
  • Consideration of the direction to be taken by sustainability initiatives
Promotion of ESG management in JP Vision 2025
  • Consideration of the plan to reduce GHG emissions
  • Promoting regional carbon neutrality
  • Increasing the ratio of women in management roles
  • Promotion of ESG investments
Responding to each stakeholder
  • Dealing with disclosures for ESG assessors
  • Conducting TCFD quantitative analysis