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Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

3 Good Health and Well-Being

Healthy and active life for people of all ages
It is considered that people in need of medical and nursing services will rapidly increase as the aging of society advances. In order to improve the pressure on social security cost, and to realize people's active life, in particular, the extension of healthy life expectancy is called for.

Disseminating and promoting radio gymnastic exercises ("Radio Taiso")

The Radio Taiso has a history of over 90 years as a popular, easy exercise that can be practiced "whenever, wherever and whoever" possible by many people. Minna no Taiso, meaning "exercise for everybody" in Japanese, was devised as an enjoyable and secure exercise based on the "universal design" concept, for a wide range of people regardless of age, gender and even for those with and without disabilities.
Japan Post Insurance endeavors to disseminate and promote the Radio Taiso and Minna no Taiso in cooperation with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) Japan Radio Taiso Federation to help local residents promote health.

Summer tour for Radio Taiso and Minna no Taiso exercises/special tour for Radio Taiso and Minna no Taiso exercises

Every year, we hold a summer tour a special tour for Radio Taiso and Minna no Taiso exercises at venues across Japan. The scene of exercising Radio Taiso during summer vacations has been popular as a Japanese summer tradition.

Health support app: Sukoyakanpo

With the aim of supporting our customers' healthy and rich life, Japan Post Insurance develops Sukoyakanpo, an app for improving health in an easy manner.

Sukoyakanpo(Japanese)-Japan Post Insurance

Other Initiatives

The Japan Post Group engages in various initiatives for realizing sustainable society where everybody can live with peace of mind.