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Initiatives Related to Climate Change

Initiatives Related to Climate Change

13 Climate Action

To prevent global warming

Global warming has resulted in various effects and damage that have already been observed around the world, such as the rise of sea level, heat waves, droughts and more frequent torrential rains and floods. To stop global warming, the international community should make concerted efforts to reduce GHG emissions which are the major cause of global warming.

Promote carbon neutrality through strategic cooperation with other companies

Based on the strategic alliance with Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc. (TEPCO) to promote carbon neutrality, we have been conducting demonstration experiments since November 2021 at the Oyama Post Office (Oyama City, Tochigi Prefecture) and the Numazu Post Office (Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture).
To meet the challenge of making regional post offices' EVs compatible with long-distance driving, these two post offices installed rapid chargers to be used when EVs returned temporarily to the post office to extend the EVs' range. In addition, the post offices made these rapid chargers available to the community, contributing to the promotion of regional EVs, and are utilizing solar power generation and switching to renewable energy to reduce the use of electricity.Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is also involved in this demonstration experiment, promoting eco-drive by analyzing driving data and changes in the battery levels of the EVs, as well as reducing GHG emissions associated with delivery. Furthermore, by working to improve the overall driving performance of the commercial EV fleet, we will contribute to the spread of EVs across Japan.


Introduce EVs and increase the use


Nationwide, Japan Post uses electric four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles for mail and parcel delivery and hybrid vehicles and natural gas vehicles (CNG and LPG) for transportation between post offices to reduce CO2 emissions.
For more information, see Eco-friendly postal and logistic services (Japan Post).(Japanese)

Eco-friendly real estate business

The Japan Post Group is engaged in real estate business around Japan and is introducing cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies.

The creation of good environments surrounding our properties is important to us, and we green rooftops and the walls of buildings as well as improve the environmental performance of buildings by introducing energy-saving equipment and using natural sources of energy including light, wind and water. Additionally, we pursue high-level solutions to social issues in real estate development, such as countermeasures to address earthquakes, flood damage and other disasters and business continuity plans (BCPs) in addition to environmental preservation.

Other initiatives

The Japan Post Group implements diverse initiatives for a sustainable society where everyone can live with peace of mind.