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Promoting Healthy Lifestyles
Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: Other Initiatives

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles: Other Initiatives

3 Good Health and Well-Being

Mimamori (Watch Over) Service

Valuing the connections between local communities and post offices and wanting to facilitate their mutual growth, Japan Post has been offering the Post Office Mimamori (Watch Over) Service since October 2017 at around 20,000 post offices around the country.
In January 2022, we started providing local public organizations, corporations, etc. with the Mimamori (Watch Over) Service using smart speakers and our uniquely developed app. Through the service, we help local people and other users to live with a feeling of security.

End-of-life Planning Services

Japan Post recommends End-of-life Planning Services to each customer in accordance with their personal needs.

Partnerships with pharmacies

As the COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly changed our healthcare provision systems, Japan Post cooperates with pharmacies in activities such as the delivery of prescription drugs to patients' homes.

Kampo Platinum Life Service

Japan Post Insurance is reforming its interfaces with all of its customers from the perspective of its elderly customers and offers reassuring, reliable services that are elderly customer-friendly, as it strives to increase the trust its customers place in it as the super-aging society continues to age.
We seek to improve the Kampo Platinum Life Service in all areas of our business, such as products and services meeting the needs of elderly customers, and we will build an elderly-friendly business model.