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Japan Post Group Annual Report 2019

Japan Post Group Annual Report 2019

Japan Post Group Annual Report 2019

【image】Japan Post Group Annual Report 2019
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Japan Post Group Annual Report 2019[PDF:12,616kb]

Selected Pages

Japan Post Group Management Philosophy & Group Management Policy[PDF:605kb]

Financial and Non-Financial Highlights[PDF:558kb]

Message from the President[PDF:869kb]

<Enhancing Corporate Value>

History of Japan Post Group[PDF:946kb]

Japan Post Group Value Creation Process[PDF:581kb]

Strengths of Japan Post Group[PDF:618kb]

Value Created by Japan Post Group[PDF:1,236kb]

<Medium-term Strategy>

Structure of Japan Post Group[PDF:573kb]

Medium-term Management Plan[PDF:691kb]

Top Messages from Each Company[PDF:605kb]

Business Segment[PDF:1,895kb]

Fostering a Sense of Unity in the Group (Team JP)[PDF:498kb]

New Strategic Areas of Focus[PDF:2,050kb]


Toward the Realization of a Sustainable Society[PDF:709kb]

Initiatives through Business Activities[PDF:2,372kb]

Social Contributions through Sports[PDF:758kb]

Japan Post Group Corporate Governance[PDF:758kb]


Interview with Outside Director[PDF:492kb]

Japan Post Group Risk Management[PDF:457kb]

Japan Post Group Compliance Framework[PDF:432kb]

Japan Post Group Internal Audit System[PDF:460kb]

Japan Post Group IT Governance[PDF:460kb]

Cyber Security Measures[PDF:447kb]

Initiatives for Transportation Safety[PDF:483kb]

Dialogue with Stakeholders[PDF:656kb]

<Data Compilation>

Japan Post Group Corporate Data[PDF:632kb]

Financial Data[PDF:1,250kb]

Code of Conduct[PDF:444kb]