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Initiatives for Achieving SDGs

Initiatives for Achieving SDGs

Initiatives for Achieving SDGs

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are global goals that were adopted at the UN General Assembly in September 2015 to end poverty and pursue a sustainable future. Aiming to solve global issues by 2030, SDGs are comprised of 17 goals and 169 specific targets to achieve the goals.

Japan Post Group has selected its CSR Priority Issues (Materiality) in the three fields of local communities, the earth and people, which are key themes of Japan Post Group Basic Sustainability Policy, and promotes activities linked with SDGs. In addition, the Group includes SDGs in the framework of its management strategy in the Group Medium-term Management Plan "JP Vision 2025,~Building a "Co-creation Platform" to Support Customers and Local Communities~" announced in May 2021, in its efforts to integrate its management strategy with initiatives for achieving SDGs.

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Sustainable Movie

Japan Post Group and the SDGs

Introducing the sustainability efforts of Japan Post Group with a video.

Japan Post Group and the SDGs

Internal and external promotion

Japan Post Group SDGs Book

To promote SDGs among all our employees, we have featured sustainability-related topics, such as the Group's relationship, purpose, and business activities to achieve SDGs, in our newsletters.
In addition, we have published Japan Post Group Annual Report to provide our shareholders and investors with a detailed understanding of the SDGs and Group's relevant initiatives. In November 2019, we also issued a small booklet, "SDGs Book", to disclose our initiatives to a wide range of customers, such as those who visit our post offices.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs' SDGs logo

On the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, Japan Post Group's initiatives for achieving the SDGs are featured as "all-Japan initiatives towards the achievement of the SDGs".

JAPAN SDGs Action Platform (Click the link above to open the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' website.)

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